DDMTA headed to the Austin Film Festival

September 15, 2016

Congratulations to our own producer Melanie Hall and the entire cast and crew of DIANI AND DEVINE MEET THE APOCALYPSE on their acceptance into the Austin Film Festival this October!

DIANI & DEVINE MEET THE APOCALYPSE is a comedy film about the collapse of civilization. When all power and communication systems mysteriously shut off, couple and performing comedy duo Gabriel Diani and Etta Devine (both of RESEARCH., INSIDE THE EXTRAS STUDIO S2) pack up their troubles and hit the road with their trusty dog, Watson and their miserable cat Mrs. Peel in search of a safe haven to wait out the possible extinction event.  

Check out the AFF Staff Pick article here.

DDMTA screens Friday, October 14th @ 9:45P at the State Theatre, and Tuesday, October 18th @ 4P at the Alamo Draft House Village presented by Sprint. Purchase your ticket here.

Melanie Hall is a co-producer on DDMTA.