September 1, 2016

We love a good walk down Memory Lane.  Who doesn't?

While you wait for more content from us (and believe me GREAT stuff is coming!!!) we hope you enjoy some of our favorite series and shorts as much as we do.  To kick things off we're rereleasing this little gem - Research.! - starring Gabe Diani, Kahle McCann, Autumn Hurlbert, Doug Jones, Barry Bostwick, Sean Naughton, and Kelly Huddleston.  

We. Love. It.  

We think you will too.  

If you're a long time Research. fan, we hope you fall in love with it all over again!  If you're new to Research...., well, you should know us by now.  Nothing should surprise you.

Tell a friend and enjoy!  And thank you!

We sure do love our friends, fans, and supporters.