Adam Hall was born and raised in Missouri, where a lot of important stuff happened, but you'll have to pay to read about that in his sure to one day be self-published memoirs. Adam has always had a spark for the creative, but that didn't really translate into any sort of filmmaking until late high school. He attended Carson-Newman College in East Tennessee, where he got his degree in Political Science for some reason. After an internship at the US Capitol, he decided to trade the harsh, corrupt political landscape of Washington, D.C. for the more innocent and welcoming climes of Hollywood, California. Soon after, he received his MFA in Directing from the University of Southern California. His thesis film, "SUDDEN DEATH!" screened in over 100 film festivals and won more than 50 awards.

From there, Adam wrote and directed two award winning web series: RESEARCH. - starring Barry Bostwick and Doug Jones - and I HATE IT!, a satirical review show. He's also worked on a number of reality/documentary TV shows, including THE ULTIMATE FIGHTER, GHOST HUNTERS, DIRTY JOBS and many others. At the moment, Adam's an Associate Producer on Season 4 of WICKED TUNA on Nat Geo, and he also teaches film, television and screenwriting at Azusa Pacific University. Adam lives in Los Angeles with his awesome toddler, Riley, and his amazing wife, partner and producer, Melanie, with whom he co-owns their production company, Mildly Fearsome Films. They're in the process of developing multiple features, but their more immediate upcoming projects include an UNTITLED MURDER MYSTERY web mini-series. You can check out all of our projects at:


In the words of Adam Hall, "Kahle McCann is one of the finest gentlemen I've ever met ever in my whole life...and you can quote me on that...or my name's not Adam Hall!" And his name was Adam Hall, so that's how we know it's true.   Kahle is entertainer by nature and will someday be one by trade. When asked "What is it you do, Kahle?" his response is often "Do you mean aside from being unemployed?" The typical response to which is "Yes." And Kahle's follow up answer is generally "Writing, acting, and novelty music." Which inevitably provokes the question, "What is novelty music?" And the conversation just goes on and on and everyone feels enlightened by the end of it.


Born in rural Maine, Melanie moved often until her family settled in southeastern Pennsylvania. She received her bachelor’s degree in Communication and Political Science and completed her master’s degree in Film and Television Production in 2005, producing multiple award-winning short films during her time there. After moving to Los Angeles, Melanie found work as a producer’s assistant on several blockbuster films from Paramount, Universal Studios and Sony Pictures. She is also the producer of the multiple award winning short film, Sudden Death! and the award winning web series, Research. Although not nearly as hilariously funny as her talented husband, Adam Hall, she is still funnier than Kahle McCann.


Nick Jones hails from the beautiful southern state of North Carolina where he currently splits his time between the east coast and Los Angeles. Nick has worked extensively throughout the agency and production worlds gaining a multitude of experience from some of the most influential players in the motion picture industry today. 

He has produced several award winning short films, as well as a made for TV movie, during his time on both coasts and was also produced the multiple award winning short film, Sudden Death! and the award winning web series Research.


A lifelong native of Los Angeles, Kenny Wood has always been geared towards creating music.  His credits include the scores for the Oscar nominated short, "Oktapodi" as well as the Student Emmy Award winning short, "Camp Bean: All Things Woodsey."  Finding it difficult to get away from the sunshine, Kenny studied film composition at both UCLA and USC, which has more often than not, opened opportunities for great projects like "Sudden Death," which he composed the music for, winning multiple awards at film festivals around the country. Recent projects include music for "Project: Trojan, The Making of the 2009 USC Football Team," the online game show "MaxxIQ," and "Reflection" for the Nintendo DSi.


Ryan Weeda grew up in Kansas City, Missouri.  He received a B.S. In Engineering Physics from Westmont College in Santa Barbara.  While a student at Westmont he began doing freelance video work and quickly decided that a life working in the fast paced world of physics perhaps wasn't going to be the best fit for him.  

He then attended Chapman University where he received an M.F.A. in Film Production with an Emphasis in Cinematography and was mentored by Bill Dill, ASC.  He received a nomination for Chapman University's Cecil Awards for Best Graduate Cinematography for his work on his thesis film, New World Water.

Since graduating,  he has served as the Director of Photography for several commercials, web-series and promotional videos.  He is very pleased to be part of the crew for Research and also pleased with writing biographies in the third-person.


Zach Cieszynski is a writer/actor best known for the short, "Chicken Problems", which landed the young actor many more online roles and put him on the top of various online Hot 100 lists. The actor was immediately thrust into the world of entertainment when he signed on to star in the hit reality series, "Zack and Zack Take LA", co-starring Zack Evans, a long time comedic partner. As of 2014, Zach is dedicated to "2nd String Comedy", a comedy group that can be seen on Youtube.


Zack Evans is a writer, actor, and former 7th grade basketball star. Zack is 1/4th of 2nd String Comedy and can be seen in their web series, “2nd String”. You can also see him in the comments section on one of Adam Hall’s many Facebook statuses. 


Kaleb Tuttle likes writing screenplays and flirting with girls that don't reciprocate the feelings he has for them. He hopes you enjoy the web series but you shouldn't mention it to him, as he takes compliments very poorly. He is also a part of the online comedy group 2nd String Comedy and you should google them.


Brian Hartley is an editor/director with credits ranging from the award-winning comedy "Where Are They Now?" to the hopefully award-winning webseries "2nd String" of the comedy channel 2nd String Comedy. He lives in Hollywood with his three roommates, no relation.


Dan Prevette is a humorist, exhibitionist, and height supremacist living in Los Angeles, CA.  Raised the son of ex-pat missionaries as a cultural transient in Thailand, Cambodia, and Romania, he developed a keen ability to avoid fitting in and finds he has a hard time being "relatable." Past credits include the Mildly Fearsome Produced web series 'Research,' and that of Lennie Small in Of Mice and Men, for which his mother raved, "he was born to play the role."  He would like to thank Jesus (the non-white version), his Mildly Fearsome Family, his actual family, and you for reading this far without checking your Facebook.

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